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What does "Digital Time Code Embedded"mean? Why is it important?

7/5/2010 6:42:21 PM

The 'Digital Time Code Embedded' function is embedded in MPEG data stream.

Therefore, the exact time each frame is recorded will be stored. It is very useful when users want to find the video at an exact time or a certain time interval. If an IP camera doesn't support this function, users have to search for the whole video stream by looking through the video, which takes a lot of time. Some cameras provide software solution to simulate this function. However, this is not as accurate. Video streams with Digital Time Code Embedded are so-called 'Smart Video', and can enable a lot of useful applications at client site.

The other advantage of Digital Time Code Embedded is that it provides watermark on the video streams. Since the time code is written in the video stream, if the video is modified by others, the time code will disappear from the video stream, and therefore, the time code can act like a watermark for the video stream and users will find if the video is modified by unauthorized people.

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