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CCD vs CMOS high-definition Megapixel IP camera

8/2/2010 4:48:03 AM

IP camera have three core components: lens, image sensor and processing chip compression. And the image sensor is the core part of image acquisition and processing.

There are two types of security camera sensors: CCD (charge coupled device) and CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor).
There are big difference between the two: sensitivity, cost, noise, power consumption and several aspects:

1, under the same pixel size, CMOS sensor 's sensitivity is lower than the CCD sensor;

2, CCD sensor cost high than CMOS sensor;

3, the same size CCD sensor resolution is better than the CMOS sensor;

4, compared with CCD sensor, CMOS sensor noise greater;

5, CCD sensor in addition to the power management circuit design more difficult high, the high voltage power is far more to a level higher than the CMOS sensor.

In the Standard Definition filed, both standard definition analog video camera and IP camera, the most widely used is the CCD. sensor. In the era of high-definition monitor, the situation will change. HD monitor is very sensitive to cost, CMOS sensor even though the overall image quality not as good as CCD, but the cost advantage of the CCD is caused by a very big threat. Of course, the results of the two game final will be cost-effective decisions, who can guarantee better image quality without you will come to win.

From the current trend, CMOS significantly greater opportunity to win. On the one hand, as technology advances, CMOS is rapidly improving the sensitivity, it is learned on the market today is committed to the development company has developed a CMOS performance and CCD sensitivity close to the 720p and 1080p dedicated CMOS device. On the other hand, although the same size CCD sensor resolution is better than CMOS sensors, but if you do not consider the size limit, CMOS advantage in the volume on the rate of large size can overcome the difficulties created photographic original, so that at higher resolutions CMOS will be more dominant. In addition, CMOS response speed faster than the CCD, it is more suitable for high-definition monitor features a large amount of data.

Thus, although CCD and CMOS in different application scenarios have advantages, but with the CMOS process and technology continues to improve, and the declining prices of high-end CMOS, , the high-definition Megapixel IP camera with much market CMOS sensor on the market, and it would be use CMOS sensor more and more in the future.


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