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LED Array Camera VS Traditional IR LED Camera

8/17/2012 1:15:24 AM

LED array camera with more clearer than similar products on the market, brighter and more long-distance monitoring, the LED array camera with smaller size ,bigger working angle, and long life, it will be warmly welcomed on the market .

The LED array with high power, LED array output can reached to 800mw-1000mw, the traditional LED output is 5mw-15mw; and the LED array camera with good special housing design need for cooling effect. 

As the LED array is a highly integrated LED, the size is much smaller than the traditional LED IR, only one penny coin size.

Angle: traditional IR LED generally 7-10 degree, so as to form a beam like a flashlight, LED array emitting angle of 10-120 degree (variable angle). All in the room can be uniformly illuminated space. With different angles of the lens can reached to180 degree angle, no 'flashlight effect.'

LED Array infrared light have two wavelengths of light, 850nm and 940nm, 850nm infrared light is the same as the normal traditional IR, which is visible at night; 940nm have no red burstlight source, can not been see infrared at night, very well hidden.

The life of traditional IR LED generally is 6000 hours, but LED array can reached to 50,000 hours.

Warranty: traditional IR camera only one year warranty, while the LED array can provide two years warranty.

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